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06 Dec New Artist - RetrINK
fleshnmetal_uk 0 649
Latest addition to our growing artist list. Meet RetrINK - the tattoo studio that boast an excellent creative environment with a retro vibe. They have..
03 Aug Introducing Derk Le-bone-ski
fleshnmetal_uk 0 349
Introducing Derk Le-bone-ski. He will be taking care of all your customer needs. He's a humerus kind of guy who's a big fan of Thoracic Park. But...ha..
27 Jul New site, New name, New look
fleshnmetal_uk 0 319
New Look for Smart-FX -  As our followers and fans are aware. Smart-FX had to under go a drastic name and brand change due to a surge in forex banking..
06 Feb Jason making Headlines
fleshnmetal_uk 0 701
any of us have dreamed about meeting a celebrity or our favourite book or film character.But for one Plymouth youngster, that dream has become a reali..
22 Feb Rubber Gorilla
fleshnmetal_uk 0 1182
 FnM are proud to announce that Rubber Gorilla are now onboard as one of our FnM-Artists. Neal Harvey of Rubber Gorilla will be bringing you his a..
18 Feb The Jason Voorhees
fleshnmetal_uk 0 3146
The Jason Voorhees. This is Smart-FX's version of Jason the iconic slasher from the huge franchise Friday the 13th. The face of Jason originally scu..
29 Jan Illustrations by Tony Gartland
fleshnmetal_uk 0 1039
I have always enjoyed drawing from the age of 11. I stared out my window one wet Sunday afternoon and decided to draw the carpark outside. This was my..
12 Jan Back appliance
fleshnmetal_uk 0 1570
One of the latest editions to our large scale prosthetics. The exposed spinal appliance is ideal for application under a jacket or any other type of g..
06 Jan Makeup Effects and how it came to be.
fleshnmetal_uk 0 1732
I've always been interested in the makeup and prosthetic side of things. From the early 80's after influences such as Nightmare on Elm street, Friday ..
05 Jan Scorpion Canvas
fleshnmetal_uk 0 1238
Tony Gartland is currently working on a 6ft x 4ft canvas of his favorite game character Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X. "I decided to get back into can..
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