any of us have dreamed about meeting a celebrity or our favourite book or film character.

But for one Plymouth youngster, that dream has become a reality. Just not with the character you might imagine.

That's because Carter Murphy from Plymstock was picked up from school by his all-time favourite film star - feared slasher Jason Voorhees.

The iconic Hollywood villain, from the Friday the 13th horror series, met Carter, a Coome Dean student, near the school and walked him home - never breaking character.

am Murphy, Carter's dad, said he recently asked his son what he wanted for his 12th birthday and was surprised when Carter only asked for one thing: Jason Voorhees.

After explaining it would be quite difficult to arrange - and that Jason is probably tied up killing people - Sam started researching how Carter could meet Jason.

He got in touch with a local impersonator and special effects expert who brought Jason to life.

 Carter has ADHD and struggles with eye-contact and personal space, Sam says, so it was amazing to see him happily chat to 'Jason' and walk hand-in-hand with him.

Sam said: "Carter was blown away. He walked hand-in-hand with him the whole way home. Then he showed Jason all his toy weapons and toy guns and his Freddy Krueger character.

"Jason threw it on the floor in disgust! He stayed in character the whole time and never spoke."

Sam said the three of them later went for a drive and Tony Gartland, who played Jason, stayed in character throughout - even trying to strangle Sam while he was driving.

Tony, who works and owns a shop in Saltash, specialising in special effects and t-shirt printing and has plenty of experience with costume make-up, masks and costumes after working for the likes of SKY and Virgin Media.

He told Plymouth Live he's always been a horror fan and has even attended horror conventions as Jason Voorhees.

He always stays in character and really enjoys playing such an iconic baddie.

"It was really cool, I'm glad I made Carter's day," he said. "It's a birthday Carter will never forget."