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What is a FnM-Artist..

Giving fellow artists, cos-players, photographers even mask makers a base to sell bespoke products. As the name suggests, this is the smart way to sell merchandise without lifting a finger. We take the hassle out of setting up products, listing items, creating and even shipping to your customers.



When an Artists item sells, they will get paid 20% commission of the profit of each sale. This can be paid straight into a bank account or PayPal account when requested.

The more of your products that sell the more commission you get. Although we advertise Artists products using our own social media groups, leaflets and even events, we cannot guarantee sale of your products. This is why we ask you to push your brand and products to your own specified clientele that show an interest in your brand. Share the links to your products and brand page on social media, or use any other means of advertising you feel your brand would get the most exposure 


What are the benefits..

Not only do FnM-Artists benefit from commission payments of profits on sale of each and every product listed under their brand but also gain exclusive discounts when purchasing their own products. This can be a great benefit if buying to re sell yourself.


Whats the catch..

Well, there is no catch. All we ask is for Artists to advertise products to targeted clientele on their web sites and social media pages. 


You scratch our back, we scratch yours..


We  ask for exclusivity which means we become the only suppliers and producers of your merchandise on specific products like printed garments, mugs, bags, coasters, keyrings and even pillow cases. This of course excludes any re sale of your own merchandise on sites such as Etsy, eBay etc this can be your own merchandise of products we do not provide.

If you do decide to buy from us directly and take advantage of your exclusive discounts as a Smart-Artist and would like to re sell on any other site providing this is not a competitor, i.e printing business, then this is fine.


What if i decide to leave..

Unlike some sites we do not hold the rights to your artwork. All artwork that you supply to us is still your property. If for any reason you decide to leave us, any artwork that has been listed on any products will simply become discontinued. If we have designed artwork for you, we will hold the rights to discard this artwork and we cannot possibly release to the artist, this will also become discontinued and unlisted. The product imagery we setup for you on your behalf also follows the same guidelines. We do not allow permission to use our product imagery if you decide to leave.


In a nutshell..

  • Get paid for not lifting a finger.
  • Get discounts on our services.
  • Build a healthy reputation with high quality products.
  • We become your reliable supplier, all your products in one place.
  • No tie in, no small print.
  • Join a growing community of awesome artists.
  • We can help push your brand at events we attend.
  • We are artists our selves and know exactly what we are talking about.



Artists must take full responsibility for all artwork submitted to Smart-FX. If you provide artwork that is not your own, you must seek permission from the original owner of the artwork. This also includes cosplayers and photographers. Please make sure you have permission from the original creators of masks, photographers or individuals used for photo imagery. Smart-FX will not be held liable for any artwork and imagery that breaches copyright. It is the Artist's responsibility to sort any conflicts and disputes with the original owners that may arise from using such imagery. This also applies to any artwork we are instructed to setup on the Artists behalf using such images.

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