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What we do

Bespoke Horror/Fantasy style clothing and accessories.


Flesh'n'Metal - We bring you bespoke horror and fantasy style clothing. Designs you will not find anywhere else. Designed and produced by the twisted imaginations of our in house artists. Using the latest technology in digital garment printing, our printed garments are second to none. HD quality printed garments all produced in house. Ink so durable you can iron straight over it!

We also produce our own range of Mask & Makeup effects. Zombie style appliances, ripped up skin and gundgy pultruding eyeballs to help give your costumes the gory finish it needs.


About our high standards

Flesh'n'Metal is known for great customer support and high standards of workmanship. We always go that one step further to ensure the customer has not only received a great product but has also had a very pleasant customer experience. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of knowing that we have never failed to produce a product to the customer’s exact requirements. We have also had countless orders based on customers that have had printing provided elsewhere but have been completely dissatisfied with both the quality and/or have just not done as requested. Big companies tend to rush out orders to achieve volume because quantity is much more important than quality. Even when we get busier than usual, we will still maintain and implement our strict high-quality standards into every order. We have worked hard to build a strong reliable foundation for customers to put their confidence in what we do.